Lockergnome Writer Switches to Mozilla Thunderbird

Tuesday March 2nd, 2004

Patrick writes: "Matt Hartley (of Lockergnome) posted an almost glowing review of Thunderbird, and explained why he's thrown off Outlook XP and switched to it as his primary e-mail program (still using Outlook for calendar, as the Calendar extention in TBird doesn't sync with his PDA)."

#18 Three pane view is evil

by morg

Thursday March 4th, 2004 7:58 AM

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I hate the three pane view of Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, and other e-mail clients.

I hate it! I hate it!

Right now Thunderbird is too slow, but it is going to get faster as we get closer to 1.0. If Thunderbird had an option to create a non-three pane view, then I would switch to Thunderbird from Pegasus.

Let's not just copy Outlook. Let's surpass it.