Slides from Brendan Eich's Mozilla Futures Talk at Developer Day Now Available

Monday March 1st, 2004

Last Friday saw the first Mountain View Mozilla Developer Day since the formation of the Mozilla Foundation. The Foundation's press release about the event gives an overview of the talks that took place and James "Kovu" Russell has posted a review of some of the presentations.

The slides from Brendan Eich's Mozilla Futures session are the first be available online. In the presentation, the Mozilla Foundation's Chief Architect outlined Mozilla's strengths and weaknesses and described a future strategy plan. Proposals include accelerating work on integrating SVG, implementing support for more scripting and programming languages (such as JavaScript 2, Python and Perl 5), creating a XUL builder plug-in for the Eclipse platform, improving native widget and desktop integration and setting up a new site with programmer documentation. Collaboration with Opera and Apple to advance Web standards was also floated and several possible end-user innovations were discussed.

#25 The Age of .Moz?

by atom

Wednesday March 3rd, 2004 7:19 AM

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Huzzah, motion behind SVG! I wasn't the only one to see the writing on the wall then :-P Good to know.

SVG/Rich Internet App support in Mozilla will match half the looming Longhorn/XAML/C#/.Net approach. The implementation side. What of the creation side?

An Eclipse plugin is certainly the right direction. (esp given the push for Java/Phython/Ruby support) But where will these SVG creations be, well, created? Will this Eclipse plugin import SVG's created in Sodipodi (<>) or Inkscape (<>), or even Illustrator or CorellDRAW? Should there be a parallel push to bolster support for open source SVG creation utilities? An open source viewer of SVG is great. But we have to create them somewhere. If the Eclipse environment were to be combined with an open source SVG editor, this could be the analog to VisualStudio.Net.

Then the tricky question of "branding." How does an organization brand solutions which are possible through the use of myriad open source solutions? Microsoft is bound to have a new, nifty branding strategy (or maybe just .Net warmed over?) by the time XAML/C#/Longhorn comes to fruition. But if I'm to go to someone and say "well, you shouldn't go with the .Net route because x,y,z, but instead should use this solution which allows for a more open and cross platform solution" what should I call it? Mozilla Foundation Rich Application Framework based on SVG and XUL Enabled Through an Eclipse Environment doesn't really roll off the tongue ;) Mozilla Powered Solutions? MozApps? MozPowered? .Moz?

Questions with some time to be answered. I am very glad to see this is the direction the Mozilla Foundation is heading. As soon as I saw the announcements of XAML, immediately I thought of SVG+Mozilla. Okay. So first I thought, isn't this what Mozilla was all about back when I stumbled upon R6. But my second thought was that SVG+Mozilla could do it better and faster and in more places than XAML/Longhorn ever could ;)

Microsoft will present an "end to end solution" for the creation of their rich content apps. We are now seeing pieces of the open source solution of the same problem. Mozilla will provide a wonderful client. Eclipse will work wonderfully as the IDE. With an SVG creation solution and a name for the whole darn thing, the world of apps might get very interesting, very soon.