Linux Today Article Recommends Sun Adopt XUL for Java

Friday February 27th, 2004

Tomas Marek (marek<AT>tipsport<DOT>cz) and guzzi333 pointed us towards a Linux Today article in which Ganesh Prasad argues that Sun should levarage the work of the open-source community to improve enterprise Java and fight back against Microsoft's .NET. The author singles out client-side rich user interfaces as an area in which Java is weak, and recommends that Sun adopt XUL to fill the gap. This would help to combat Microsoft's XAML technology, which is similar to XUL and designed to work well with .NET applications. Prasad also claims that Sun could give credibility to XUL and encourages the company to work with the Mozilla Foundation to get the language endorsed as a W3C standard.

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by napolj2

Saturday February 28th, 2004 10:27 PM

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I like how the author criticizes Raymond's challenge to Sun. It annoys me when people have an attitude that all commercial software is evil or that unless you open source all your software you are no real friend to the open source movement.

From what I read, .NET sounds like a fairly solid platform and some tough competition, and XAML is much larger than XUL. I fear that MS's XAML will become the de facto standard for XML user interface languages (at least on Windows) the moment Longhorn comes out. The possibility that Sun and Mozilla could help each other is exciting. But I'm not clear on what exactly Sun would do to advance XUL: get it adopted as a WC3 standard, expand on it (XUL 2?), have Java programs generate content in XUL and other web standards, have Java programs render GUIs described in XUL, any other ideas?