Mozilla Firefox Wallpaper Available from Creator of Firefox Icon

Wednesday February 25th, 2004

Bart Decrem writes: "The visual design team is at it again: Jon Hicks has created sharp Firefox wallpaper."

#1 Hey, that really is pretty sharp.

by Gnu

Wednesday February 25th, 2004 5:19 AM

Snazzy. Although it brought to my attention the possibility that Firefox needs some sort of distinctive, persistent font design to go with the snazzy logo.

#4 Re: Hey, that really is pretty sharp.

by ydnar

Wednesday February 25th, 2004 7:29 AM

You can never go wrong with the One True Typeface: Helvetica.

#5 Re: Hey, that really is pretty sharp.

by danielwang

Wednesday February 25th, 2004 8:42 AM

which is generally agreed one of the most overused typeface

#2 this is really cool =)

by Assimil8or

Wednesday February 25th, 2004 5:55 AM

yep =)

#3 Poster

by messenjer

Wednesday February 25th, 2004 7:20 AM

Cool. I like this wallpaper ? Mozilla Foundation should be sell this on poster.

#6 hmmm... not good

by danielwang

Wednesday February 25th, 2004 8:48 AM

The icon is designed to be optimal at specific resolution, so it doesn't look very good at very small or big size. We need to have three versions, a bitmap for small size (16x16 and 32x32), a bitmap for medium screen display, and a vecter version for large print/display. Is there any orginal format file lying around?

#7 Re: hmmm... not good

by Waldo_2

Wednesday February 25th, 2004 10:33 AM

They want their rights to the logo (to protect the trademark, yada yada), so they'll never release the vector version. (From what I gather.)

Please note: I'm not being particularly bitter here, just a little disappointed that we can't do all sorts of fun things with it. I don't even have a vector graphics program, but it would still be fun to fiddle anyways even if the altered versions couldn't be used.

#8 1280X800 version for my notebook?

by Epic

Wednesday February 25th, 2004 10:57 AM

I hope taht a 1280X800 version will be available so that I can use it for my notebook.

#9 PNG?

by berkut

Wednesday February 25th, 2004 12:00 PM

this type of image seems to be well suited for lossless PNG compression instead of lossy JPEG, will there be available a PNG version of the wallpaper?

#10 SVG?

by pmsyyz

Wednesday February 25th, 2004 2:09 PM

An SVG version of this and of the image that is in the About dialog would be nice.

#11 Re: SVG?

by Simplex

Wednesday February 25th, 2004 6:22 PM

#18 Re: Re: SVG?

by hobbes78

Thursday February 26th, 2004 6:48 AM

“The Mozilla Foundation will be using this new iconography to differentiate official builds from third party ones, so that end users always know that they are using a bona fide Mozilla build when they see the Firefox logo. As a result, permission to use these graphics in custom builds is explicitly NOT granted automatically.”

I believe there are better ways to mark an official build than through copyright restrictions. Since the release of the source code by Netscape a few years ago, Mozilla has always been very free regarding intellectual property rights, from the browser to, so I find this a little bit contra-natura. It would be easier to publish on the site the MD5 checksums of the official builds. This would, in practice, prevent masqueraded, virus-infected or otherwise tampered versions.

#20 Re: Re: Re: SVG?

by Simplex

Thursday February 26th, 2004 8:24 AM

You shouldn't reply about this here. You should read this thread:

Then you should also note that is thread is closed.

#24 Re: Re: SVG?

by pmsyyz

Friday February 27th, 2004 6:00 PM

That really sucks. I was wondering why the nightly builds didn't include the new artwork. And know I know it is because the new artwork hasn't been checked into the public CVS and it never will be.

This has also caused bugs:

The about:logo feature has been removed.

And the logo is missing from about:

#12 Another Firefox Wallpaper

by aha

Wednesday February 25th, 2004 8:27 PM

Another (unoffical) Firefox wallpaper exists:

#16 Much Better

by mesostinky

Thursday February 26th, 2004 5:29 AM

I like that version much better. The original one isn't appealing at such a huge size IMHO, the fox is just too distracting. Personally I usually like wallpaper with darker parts to it but in this one the contrast between the orange and the dark blue is just too much. Any thanks for the link to the alternative version.

#21 Re: Another Firefox Wallpaper

by sremick

Thursday February 26th, 2004 2:46 PM

Holy crap that site wants to set a lot of cookies. :(

#13 Price tag

by bugs4hj

Wednesday February 25th, 2004 10:57 PM

I wonder what the Mozilla Firefox people payed for this artwork. We're in process of designing new artwork, for MultiZilla for Firefox, and we sure like to have real nice work done like this...

#14 Where in the world?

by superyooser

Wednesday February 25th, 2004 11:38 PM

The firefox is flying above the globe. What part of the world is shown there? I don't recognize it.

#15 Re: Where in the world?

by thelem

Thursday February 26th, 2004 2:04 AM

I don't think it is meant to be any part of the actual world, although it does look a bit like europe with france and spain missing.

#17 Re: Where in the world?

by bugs4hj

Thursday February 26th, 2004 6:46 AM

Redmond WA :-)

#19 Mozilla Firebird? Thats not gonna fly

by jturner

Thursday February 26th, 2004 7:01 AM

Awesome.... after 8 years of having a standard blue-green background color on my work box, i have found a background image that looks good and works well with my icon layout. I don't even mind the size of the 3.841 megabyte BMP file i had to turn it into to use it on my old WinNT4 box.

#22 Frightfully different Firefox logo

by Jeex

Friday February 27th, 2004 7:16 AM

#23 think that's bad?

by coda

Friday February 27th, 2004 7:54 AM

Stumbled on these yesterday... can't say I find any of them appealing:

#25 !

by Dizzle

Saturday February 28th, 2004 7:27 AM

What program are people using to make those awesome graphics?

#26 Re: !

by Waldo_2

Saturday February 28th, 2004 10:26 AM

One of the logos in the 0.8 release files had a text chunk in it that mentioned Adobe ImageReady, I think.

#27 A different wall

by LPetrazickis

Thursday March 4th, 2004 11:16 AM

Jyrik has made three different icon versions: and a wallpaper: