Critical Review of Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5

Wednesday February 25th, 2004

rizzof writes: "I wanted to offer a critical in-depth review of Thunderbird for a change. This is a quite different from all the glowing reviews of last week following the release. It analyzes shortcomings of the application and user-interface gaffes that keep it from achieving its full potential."

#25 Re: Re: yet another single-tree fan

by felixs

Friday February 27th, 2004 12:12 AM

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Over the time I get more and more email adresses (work, project team, student activities) and I can't avoid getting them. Sometimes they aren't just an alias for an existing address but an imap or pop3 account. If I have multiple accounts this uses more space on the left navigation tab, there unnessary folders created (drafts, sent etc).

For some mail accounts (work/private mail) I want to get the mail delivered in different folders so a decent filter engine can do the job. Other mails should just go into the inbox. Why multiple profiles?

Another feature I'm missing is storing decrypted PGP-Messages in cleartext so I don't have to decrypt them every time (rational: my home computer is save only the internet transport is not). And I want to be able to make "send later" the default for all messages.