Critical Review of Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5

Wednesday February 25th, 2004

rizzof writes: "I wanted to offer a critical in-depth review of Thunderbird for a change. This is a quite different from all the glowing reviews of last week following the release. It analyzes shortcomings of the application and user-interface gaffes that keep it from achieving its full potential."

#19 Re: yet another single-tree fan

by jgraham

Thursday February 26th, 2004 10:58 AM

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Just out of interest, why do all the people who favour a single mail tree have different email addresses? It seems odd to use several different addresses but have the mail client automaticaly filter all the mail into a single inbox. I guess the reason is mainly historical i.e. people have changed their primary address over time, but maybe I am wrong. I find the multiple-tree approach to be very useful since it trivially allows me to add new accounts without getting the email mixed up with my primary accounts. I also think this approach works better in the (in my experience common) situation where several people use a single profile (sure there are better ways to set this up, but they are more cumbersome, especially in the situation where one person rarely uses the computer or uses it only for email). Having a different tree for each account makes it obvious which email is intended for which erson without having to resort to advanced features like filters (which are unlikly to be used by somone haing this setup).

I'm not arguing that a single tree option shouldn't exist, I'm more interested to know why people want this setup, because I find it to be a more confusing setup.