Critical Review of Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5

Wednesday February 25th, 2004

rizzof writes: "I wanted to offer a critical in-depth review of Thunderbird for a change. This is a quite different from all the glowing reviews of last week following the release. It analyzes shortcomings of the application and user-interface gaffes that keep it from achieving its full potential."

#1 that's the least of it

by Tar

Wednesday February 25th, 2004 3:53 AM

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I could rant all day on Mozilla MailNews/TB deficiencies...

bug 22112 - UI: Icons should show state of mail

bug 30057 - Use one Local Mail tree for all POP3 accounts

bug 43278 - Crossposts (same Message-ID) not marked as read in other groups

bug 125885 - "Get Msgs" button should download all mail accounts

bug 171907 - drag & drop an eml file into a mailbox folder

And some that I haven't looked up:

* Doesn't use default character set on replies

* Ability to show recipient e-mail address instead of the name

* Ability to display number of selected messages

* When saving a message to drafts folder it isn't marked as unread

* Threads can't be collapsed by default

* Marking message as unread doesn't change icon back to unread

There's still a loooong way to perfection for MN/TB :/