Mozilla 1.7 Alpha Released

Monday February 23rd, 2004

The Mozilla Foundation has just unveiled Mozilla 1.7 Alpha. This release features improved popup blocking, with a better method for detecting and stopping popups and the ability to open blocked popups. Mail & Newsgroups now supports multiple mail identities per mail account (though there is no user interface for this yet) and also sports several usability enhancements. In addition, this version of Mozilla adds support for the onBeforeUnload event and includes a newer and enhanced version of ChatZilla, which now understands the /ignore command. Mozilla 1.7 Alpha is also smaller than 1.6 and page load times have improved since the last release.

Get a build from the Mozilla Releases page or direct from the mozilla1.7a directory on More information can be found in the Mozilla 1.7 Alpha Release Notes.

#24 profile problem under 10.3.2

by BjarneDM <>

Tuesday February 24th, 2004 10:58 AM

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I had a problem with the bookmarks not displaying in the bookmarks menu and the prsonal toolbar. I think it has to be a combination of GUI and extension, as deleting all files related to the GUI in my profiles restored things. The culprit is most likely MultiZilla as this has been an issue before - but only on Mac :-(