More Slides from Mozilla Developers Meeting in Europe 4.0 Talks

Monday February 23rd, 2004

Several talks were held at last weekend's Mozilla Developers Meeting in Europe 4.0, which took place at FOSDEM 2004 in Brussels. We reported on Daniel Glazman's slides yesterday and now the visuals from Gervase Markham's presentation on the Mozilla Foundation are online too. In the talk, Gerv discussed the how the Mozilla Foundation started, who works there, how the decisions are made and what's coming next.

Update: Notes from Alex Fritze's talk on application development in Mozilla — featuring information about SVG, JSSh and XTF — are now available. In addition, Bernd Mielke's slides on triaging layout bugs are also online.

#5 Navigation Is Invisible

by superyooser

Monday February 23rd, 2004 3:21 PM

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The Previous and Next buttons do not show up in the slides. They work when I click on them, but I can't see where they are.

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Thank you, Gerv, for using the accesskey attribute allowing me to type P or N. (I looked at the source.)