ZDNet Notes Continuing Efforts and Innovation of Alternative Browser Developers

Saturday February 21st, 2004

In a ZDNet editorial, Alex Kidman discusses how the developers of alternative browsers continue to fight on, despite Microsoft Internet Explorer having such a huge market share. Comparing alternative browser developers to fanatical guerrilla fighters, Kidman notes that most current browser innovation comes from these small players, while IE continues to coast. Thanks to Adam Hauner for the link.

#2 Browser Wars

by dave532

Sunday February 22nd, 2004 1:34 AM

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I hate the term browser war, why is writing a better browser considered such a pointless exercise to some people. I don't think of Mozilla as an alternative browser, I think of IE as the alternative because I've never used IE as a primary browser (one reason is I was exclusively Linux pre-Win2k and after that I just didn't want to support a one-browser internet).

Now these days I can run IE under Linux (through Codeweavers Crossover Office) but why would I want to, it's the inferior product, the only time I do use IE at all is for my company's timesheet system which still relies on the MS JVM (and giving the choice between getting paid and using IE once a month I go for the getting paid option ;)).

So to me it's not a fight, the makers of these non-IE browsers have already won any war in my eyes, because they've made better products that those in the know like better. I hope more people find out about these products but if they don't it won't stop me from using it. Switching browsers is no big deal. When Firefox reaches 1.0 it should even import all of IE's settings making the switch over for people a whole lot easier.