ZDNet Notes Continuing Efforts and Innovation of Alternative Browser Developers

Saturday February 21st, 2004

In a ZDNet editorial, Alex Kidman discusses how the developers of alternative browsers continue to fight on, despite Microsoft Internet Explorer having such a huge market share. Comparing alternative browser developers to fanatical guerrilla fighters, Kidman notes that most current browser innovation comes from these small players, while IE continues to coast. Thanks to Adam Hauner for the link.

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by AlexBishop <>

Sunday February 22nd, 2004 2:16 PM

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"MSN uses Yahoo!."

Not exactly. MSN uses Inktomi (now owned by Yahoo!), Overture (formerley GoTo, again now owned by Yahoo!) and LookSmart. However, they are developing their own in-house search technology, centering around their new crawler, MSNBot <>.

Microsoft have decided that they really want to make inroads into the search arena, in the same way they made inroads into browsers, digital media, instant messaging etc. They don't want to base that on third-party technology, so they've either got to buy someone or develop their own. Google didn't want to be purchased (they previously turned down Yahoo! too*) so in-house it is. It'll take them a while but Microsoft have enough money to keep on trying and eventually they'll get it right.

Google today is about where Netscape was in 1995. Innovative, successful, on the verge of an IPO that might just change the whole economy, and about to feel the full force of Redmond.


* I believe Yahoo! still owns a small stake in Google and have done ever since the company started. They were quite critical in providing Google with start-up funding and assistance.