ZDNet Notes Continuing Efforts and Innovation of Alternative Browser Developers

Saturday February 21st, 2004

In a ZDNet editorial, Alex Kidman discusses how the developers of alternative browsers continue to fight on, despite Microsoft Internet Explorer having such a huge market share. Comparing alternative browser developers to fanatical guerrilla fighters, Kidman notes that most current browser innovation comes from these small players, while IE continues to coast. Thanks to Adam Hauner for the link.

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by dave532

Sunday February 22nd, 2004 11:15 AM

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Well Google have one major advantage of switching to firefox - they're switching to a browser that's not made by a company that's trying to compete with Google.

All they have to do is to integrate MSN search into IE in the visible way that Google search is integrated into Firefox then people will use it as soon as MSN search stops returning crap results. So MS improve their search results and Google becomes redundant, but if before people MSN becomes a useful tool people get used to downloading Firefox for all the excellent features not in IE then people will not have MSN rammed down their throats as much.

As for problems with sites not working in Firefox, IE had similar problems when they were the underdog it did not stop them becoming successful. Not many web designers are going to leave their pages broken if Google is promoting the browser.