Minimo 0.1 Released: Mozilla for Small Devices

Thursday February 19th, 2004

Simon Paquet wrote in to tell us that version 0.1 of Minimo, a Mozilla browser for small devices, has been released. As well as creating a slimmed-down version of Mozilla for PDAs and the like, the Minimo project also aims to allow developers to embed Mozilla in any system with limited resources.

Much of the Minimo effort has focussed on reducing code size and memory footprint, work that can benefit anyone embedding Mozilla in environments where memory and storage is tight. In addition, several optimisations have been made specifically for small devices, including a small screen rendering mode (an extension to enable small screen rendering in the Mozilla Application Suite and Mozilla Firefox is available) and a slimmed down user interface (though this is not final). Some (fairly old) screenshots of Minimo show these two features in action.

Minimo 0.1 is available for ARM devices running Linux with the GTK toolkit. The release has been tested on Familiar Linux 0.7.2 running GPE on the iPAQ 5555 and iPAQ 38xx.

#12 Re: Code reduction applicable to other platforms?

by bzbarsky

Friday February 20th, 2004 5:53 AM

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> Are the reductions in code size and memory use that it achieves applicable on desktop platforms?

Sometimes. For example, minimo disables printing. That's not really applicable. But a lot of other footprint work that's happened has been done by the minimo folks.

> And are their modifications eventually incorporated into the main tree, to make Mozilla smaller for everybody?

Yes. In fact, if it's at all possible to make the modification to the main tree, that's what's done -- the less forked (or ifdeffed) code the easier life is.

Minimo is mostly about making gecko itself smaller; the UI is just "totally different", not "a smaller and simpler version of the SeaMonkey or FireFox ui."