MozillaZine Reviews Mozilla Firefox 0.8

Thursday February 19th, 2004

Scott I. Remick writes: "PC World has put up a nice review of Firefox 0.8. While mostly positive, it does point to a few shortcomings, such as how the extensions site wasn't able to handle the onslaught right after release, which for 2 days kept the reviewer from accessing the site. He also mentions troubles managing extensions, and the issue of many sites only working with IE (which he admits isn't Firefox's fault)."

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by jgraham

Friday February 20th, 2004 6:34 AM

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Yeah, it's not so much the QA part that would be hard (although having people orgnaised enough to make the process work well would be harder), more the code review. Initially, at least, the code review would have to be done by experienced developers. If we're talking Firefox that means one of a very few people. My impression is that people generally feel that code review is a necessary evil, rather than something they'd like to do more of. So I'm having a hard time imagining the few people who are qualified enough to actually do the code review wanting to do it for a significant number of extensions. Moreover what about the legendary Firefox focus on usability? Is there going to be a extension-HIG (Huaman Interface Guidelines) document? Will having a sane UI be a requirement for having an extension hosted by

<cynic>We'll probably end up distributing a great browser and unusable, buggy extensions</cynic>.

Of course, in the long term, one would hope that experienced extension developers would be allowed to do extension reviews for Firefox. However the short term could very well get in the way.