MozillaZine Reviews Mozilla Firefox 0.8

Thursday February 19th, 2004

Scott I. Remick writes: "PC World has put up a nice review of Firefox 0.8. While mostly positive, it does point to a few shortcomings, such as how the extensions site wasn't able to handle the onslaught right after release, which for 2 days kept the reviewer from accessing the site. He also mentions troubles managing extensions, and the issue of many sites only working with IE (which he admits isn't Firefox's fault)."

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by TuringTest

Friday February 20th, 2004 1:27 AM

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I think is well done for the journalist, and good for us Firefox fans, to also report of the perceived baddies of usability. That way people who try it will not suffer a delusion and throw away the whole browser just for a minor nuisance. I wonder if the reported problems in usability are due to heavy use of extensions, which are really not that much stable.