Microsoft Entourage Engineer Recommends Mozilla Thunderbird for IMAP

Thursday February 19th, 2004

Ludvig A. Norin writes: "Omar Shahine is one of Microsoft's mail guys. In this blog entry, he discuss IMAP support in Entourage (which he and Mike Fullerton and Steve Friesen designed), Outlook and other clients. He rates Thunderbird 'B+', saying, 'Thunderbird is an almost perfect IMAP client for Windows. If you use IMAP, this is the product for you.' I've been using the Mozilla-based mail implementations with IMAP, since... well, forever, and couldn't agree more in what he says." The post contains a few mistakes, such as stating that Thunderbird supports the IDLE command when it does not (bug 141369).

#8 Re: server connections

by bienvenu <>

Friday March 5th, 2004 8:06 AM

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You can limit the number of connections Mozilla will cache, in the advanced imap server prefs settings, so it's under your control. Currently, we limit the minimum number of connections to 2, so we'll be able to have a connection open for the inbox biff, but I'll probably relax that so that if you really only want one connection made, you can do that.