Turkish Language Mozilla Firefox Article on DarkHardware

Wednesday February 18th, 2004

Mehmet D. Akin writes: "Popular Turkish hardware review and news site has a long article about Firefox. DarkHardware members were looking for IE alternatives and site admin Levent Pekcan kindly agreed to publish my article on Firefox. Language is Turkish." We could not make much sense of InterTran's automated English translation.

#9 Re: you should respect the work

by asteko

Wednesday February 18th, 2004 2:37 PM

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I see the encoding problem. It is because Mozillazine lets browser to display it in Western coding, no matter which encoding I prefer. I could change it manually, but I forgot.

Ahmet, I wish you had visited the site of TDK (Türk Dil Kurumu). The ones we use in the translation of Mozilla that include the ones I've given above are offered by TDK. Microsoft can never bring something new to Turkish. I think they confer with TDK. (BTW, "yer imi" is never used by MS.) TDK hase a page that shows the Turkish words for computer and technology stuff. I recommend you to check it out. You should be able to find it at the site. I think that we should follow the good ones they offer us to use. When you use them in real life, they don't sound wired and you get used to.

Yes, I realised it would be "indirme" not "yükleme", but I don't have to edit the message and didn't want to post again.

I respect to his work. It's a great way to find out what Mozilla is. We are in the process of making such a guide which will be published after the translation of FF 0.8 and I think this page will be helpful. I have to mention that I've never criticized his the good work in a way such as "This doesn't help, burn the site!" What made me disappointed that he, who is probably professor or sth, (he's from Tübitak) is not aware of the importance of the erosion of Turkish language.

Sorry that here's turned to a discussion topic. I won't reply here anymore. If you still want to discuss my e-mail address can be found at my homepage.