Turkish Language Mozilla Firefox Article on DarkHardware

Wednesday February 18th, 2004

Mehmet D. Akin writes: "Popular Turkish hardware review and news site has a long article about Firefox. DarkHardware members were looking for IE alternatives and site admin Levent Pekcan kindly agreed to publish my article on Firefox. Language is Turkish." We could not make much sense of InterTran's automated English translation.

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by asteko

Wednesday February 18th, 2004 2:04 PM

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There's something "called respect to your language."

Yes, I have done something more than what he did: <>

I'm also helping the translation of Mozilla/FF/TB.

When you search for "mozilla turkish" or "mozilla türkçe" my web site is shown as result.

Are you someone that know about Turkish language much more than me or someone that just try to talk nonsence about something that you don't know about?