Yahoo! News Tech Tuesday Recommends Mozilla 1.6 and Mozilla Thunderbird

Tuesday February 17th, 2004

Jude Cooks writes: "Yahoo! News Tech Tuesday declares Mozilla 1.6 'Best Free Browser' and Mozilla Thunderbird 'Best Free E-mail Client' on the web. Mozilla 1.6 'offers pop-up ad blocking, tabbed browsing, zoom controls, chat, and a mess of other features you won't find in Internet Explorer... once you try Mozilla, you'll never go back to IE.' For Thunderbird, 'As easy to use as Outlook Express (and in many ways better).'" The content of the article comes from the team at

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by polidobj

Wednesday February 18th, 2004 6:23 AM

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I think this is the power of Mozilla. You have more than one choice for browser and for email client. Each being slightly different but still customizable. Mozilla will have a 2 pronged attack against the MS machine.