Spanish and French Mozilla Communities Issue New Builds

Tuesday February 17th, 2004

Galileo Vidoni sent in some news about the latest releases and developments in the Spanish Mozilla community. The NAVE project has released full Spanish installer builds of Mozilla Firefox 0.8 for Windows and Linux (GTK 1 and GTK 2), which can be obtained from the Spanish pages of the new Mozilla Europe site. A Spanish language pack for those those with Firefox 0.8 already installed is also available.

In related news, the MozillaES project has launched a new IRC channel for users (separate from the development channel) at irc://, the Usumozilla mailing list has merged with the existing MozillaES help list and the Spanish Mozilla forums now have over 100 members.

Meanwhile, Filip writes: "The frenchmozilla team is really pleased to announce the release of Firefox 0.8 in French. There are also French versions of Thunderbird 0.5 and Mozilla 1.6 available."

#1 climbing...

by corwin

Wednesday February 18th, 2004 12:43 AM

112 registered users ;-)

#2 [ES] Algo se mueve en europa y america del sur

by striptm

Wednesday February 18th, 2004 1:04 AM

Vaya avalancha de buenas noticias, parece que las comunidades europeas y sudamericanas tienen algo que decir y quieren contribuir de forma activa en el proyecto Mozilla :)

#3 Re: [ES] Algo se mueve en europa y america del sur

by fedetxf

Wednesday February 18th, 2004 2:10 AM

<em>las comunidades europeas y sudamericanas</em> Spanish and French are spoken in Central and North America as well as in South America.

#5 Re: Re: [ES] Algo se mueve en europa y america del

by striptm

Wednesday February 18th, 2004 11:27 PM

True :)

#4 Why freenode

by grayrest

Wednesday February 18th, 2004 2:46 PM

I would have assumed that they'd use rather than freenode, oh well.