Non-Profit Mozilla Europe Group Launches

Tuesday February 17th, 2004

A new non-profit organisation founded to advance Mozilla within Europe launched today. Mozilla Europe aims to promote Mozilla, encourage contributions to project and provide services to stimulate enterprise adoption. The group plans to work with existing Mozilla communities throughout the continent and has the full backing of the Mozilla Foundation, which has designated the nascent organisation as its first international affiliate.

Based in Paris, Mozilla Europe has three main goals. The first of these is to promote Mozilla and derivative products throughout the World's most densely populated continent, building upon the work of local Mozilla groups. The second is to encourage developers, companies and organisations to support the project, either by contributing code or supplying funding. The third is to bolster adoption of Mozilla in enterprises by offering several services, including technical support, deployment assistance and development work.

Mozilla Europe was founded by former Netscape employees Tristan Nitot and Peter Van der Beken, with Pascal Chevrel, Axel Hecht, Olivier Meunier and Jan Varga also on its Board of Directors. The group will be funded by donations from individuals, corporations and educational institutions. Individuals may also become members of the organisation for a fee, though the online payment system is not up and running yet.

Further details about Mozilla Europe can be found on the group's website, which is available in English, French, German and Spanish. The Mozilla Europe Statutes set out its legal basis under French law and the FAQ contains more general information. A joint press release about the launch of Mozilla Europe has been issued by Mozilla Europe and the Mozilla Foundation.

Update: Tom Graham writes: "We at Neowin took time to speak to the group's leader, Tristan Nitot, and he told us about the plans."

Another Update: As several people have pointed out, Asia has a higher population density than Europe.

#22 Europe meets Alaska!

by durbacher

Wednesday February 18th, 2004 5:30 AM

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Yeah! Your link (or rather the same page about Asia at <http://www.overpopulation…ulation_density/asia.html>) finally proves that Europe is only 3 miles from Alaska at its easternmost point! So ok, if you count all russia all the way to the Bering Strait being Europe (as this page does), its low population density is understandable (Russia only has 8.6 people/sq. km).

However, only counting the more central (and more _really_) european countries, I guess it's clearer what the article wants to say: There are *really* many people in a small region and most of them are using the Internet. Look at the "core" countries like UK, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium,... (not excluding not mentioned ones): they have a density up to 336 people/sq. km (and all greater than 100) - so compare this to 29.5 people/sq. km in the US or only 3.3 in Canada. It's true India and China have Europe-like densities and are *much* larger than european countries, but you also have to take into account that not everybody is using the Internet in those countries.

So I'd bet Central Europe does have the highest "Internet density" (browsers/sq. km) and that's what counts.