New Mozilla QA Page Now Online

Wednesday March 24th, 1999

From Jan Leger of Netscape comes news that Mozilla's new QA page is online, and they're looking for people to help test Mozilla. What is that, you say? You've been submitting bug reports already? Well, there's still something for you on the QA page. They're actively soliciting testers for different aspects of development not yet in the nightly builds: "The Client Customization Kit", and the "Installation" areas, in addition to Browser, Mail/News, and International QA.

Also, if you are interested in submitting bugs, please read their specifications on how to submit a proper bug report. This will go a long way towards keeping the bug tracking process as streamlined as possible, so be sure to give it a look.

This is something that Mozilla really needs your help with. Visit the page, and commit to helping with a particular area of Mozilla. Each separate QA area has a representative that you can contact if you're interested in volunteering. Check the links to the different areas under "Where Can I Learn More?" on the QA page for details about how to sign up.

#8 apprunner and viewer

by deltab <>

Saturday March 27th, 1999 3:55 PM

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Viewer is just the layout engine and a few other bits. You can use it to test NGLayout on local files.

Apprunner is much closer to being a browser. It does take a while to load and set everything up - check the console window that pops up for status messages etc., but mostly just be patient. Note that many of the user interface elements haven't been implemented yet: look in navigator.xul and xul.css, and try changing them. To change the height of the browser window, look for the iframe with a height of 440px. Etc. etc.

Hope this helps.