Experimental Mozilla Thunderbird Build with Improved Junk Mail Classification Available

Monday February 16th, 2004

A new test build of Mozilla Thunderbird with an improved junk mail detection system is now available. The binary, for Windows, uses an enhanced version of the Bayesian spam classification algorithm and allows users to fine-tune the sensitivity of the filter with a hidden preference. Some testers have reported that this new code catches twice as much spam as the old version. Downloaders are advised to start off with a new training.dat file and to allow for some retraining before judging the effectiveness of the new system. Read Scott MacGregor's post to the Thunderbird Builds forum for more information about this experimental junk mail build, including download links and tips.

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by sime

Monday February 16th, 2004 10:52 PM

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is this going to touch the suite? Or is the suite now slowing down.