IE5 Easter Egg Takes Jab at Mozilla

Wednesday March 24th, 1999

MacGyver sent us in this interesting news.

He writes, "Here's something I thought fellow Mozillers would find interesting...Apparently, there are several easter eggs in IE5. One of them pulls up an 'About' box with the title 'Internet Explorer 5.0 rocks'. What's more interesting is the animation in the box. It shows a gozilla-like dinasour coming out of an easter egg only to be crushed by a giant Microsoft IE5 logo. Nice commentary from the good folk in Redmond, I should say. Despite the rivalry between the two major browsers, I can't ever recall a Netscape easter egg with such a blatant attack against Microsoft. To view the easter egg yourself, follow these instructions:

1. Open up IE5

2. From the menu, select Tools > Internet Options > General (tab) > Languages (button)

3. Press 'Add'

4. Type: "ie-ee" (without the quotes) and click 'OK'

5. Move "User Defined [ie-ee]" to the TOP of the list

6. Exit back to where you can browse in IE5 again

7. Click on the Search icon (to pull up the side search menu)

8. Click the 'Customize' button in the side search menu.

9. Watch the anti-Mozilla animation being distributed to millions of desktops."

#113 Re:IE5 Easter Egg Takes Jab at Mozilla

by Puhck

Tuesday April 20th, 1999 2:18 PM

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I think the easter egg was cool. Come on people get a life, Netscape would do the same thing Microsoft has done in the past if they could get away with it too. It's called business people. Bill does everything he can to keep his company on top, does that mean we should burn him at the stake. He was once a small time hacker who happened to strike gold and doesn't want to give the other guys a chance to bring him down. Instead of whining about it why don't you put out a superior product? After all if Microsoft stuff is such crap then why are they number 1, any idiot can put any program they want on their computer, or is that past all your limited educations? Quit bitching and start providing solutions, bitching gets you no where.