Mozilla Firefox 0.8 and Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5 News and Reviews

Saturday February 14th, 2004

Several tech news sites reported on Monday's release and renaming of Mozilla Firefox 0.8, with a few also noting version 0.5 of Mozilla Thunderbird. CNET ran an article that focussed almost exclusively on the name change, while I.T. Vibe did much the same, mentioning the 0.8 release only in passing. While did report on the name change, they decided that what it's called isn't really that important. was one of several sites to run the IDG News Service's article on Firefox 0.8, with Thunderbird 0.5 also mentioned. Meanwhile, LinuxInsider included the opinions of a couple skeptical analysts, while BetaNews had a report that noted some of the new marketing plans. Many of the comments at Slashdot discussed the name change, though the initial story reported on both Firefox and Thunderbird. The UK's PC Pro had the best attempt at covering both of Monday's releases equally, with one article for Firefox and another for Thunderbird.

The we-just-paraphrased-the-release-notes-and/or-press-release crowd includes Techweb, Techtree,, and The Mac Observer.

ZDNet Australia has a review of Firefox 0.8, which describes it as "a surprisingly capable and nimble little browser, albeit one with a somewhat strange naming pattern." The Mac Orchard takes a look at the software from a Mac user's perspective. While not strictly a review, a SitePoint weblog post examines what Firefox has in store for Web developers.

Finally, there's also the Mozilla Foundation's own press release. Thanks to everyone who sent us links to articles and reviews.

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