DevChannel Article on Rapid Application Development Tools Discusses the Mozilla Platform

Friday February 13th, 2004

The final part of DevChannel's series of articles about rapid application development tools features a short section on Mozilla. "Not only does the browser provide the best HTML rendering engine available," author Michael "STIBS" Stibaneit explains, "it offers a complete foundation to create cross-platform applications." He goes on to give a brief outline of XUL and how it can be scripted using JavaScript, later introducing XBL. The XULMaker project, which aims to create a visual XUL application builder, is given a nod. Thanks to sime for the link.

#2 no rad tool

by robdogg

Saturday February 14th, 2004 2:42 PM

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Mozilla is NOT a RAD dev tool by any stretch of imagination. There is nothing out there where I can define a connection to a database, drop a table onto a form and voila, I got an app. XULMaker ain't it.

Until such times when a tool like that exists, it is laughable to talk about Mozilla as a RAD tool.