Mozilla and UserLinux

Friday February 13th, 2004

napolj2 writes: "Open source guru Bruce Perens is trying to start his own distribution of Linux called UserLinux. On the UserLinux whitepapers, he mentions his plans to use Mozilla, but oddly decides to use the suite over Firefox because he doesn't think Firefox will be 'attaining maturity in time for us.' The site contains a Browser Matrix to compare the different browsers, but it doesn't seem to be complete."

#1 odd?

by berkut

Friday February 13th, 2004 7:42 PM

"he doesn't think Firefox will be 'attaining maturity in time for us."

nothing odd about that that why Fx is called technology preview and is 0.x.

#2 Reply

by Racer

Friday February 13th, 2004 8:32 PM

Agreed. If I were going to make a distro that I wanted others to use and trust, I wouldn't put beta software in it either. Perhaps once FF goes 1.0, it makes sense to look at it again.

#3 Reply

by napolj2

Friday February 13th, 2004 8:35 PM

True, but it is very useable, and the FireFox roadmap says it will reach 1.0 by June. It struck me as odd to start a whole new distribution, a project that may go on for years, and to use a product that may not be upgraded much anymore (the frontend of it anyway).

#4 Re: Reply

by bzbarsky

Friday February 13th, 2004 9:22 PM

Does he say that he never plans to change? All he's saying is that he needs to get the distro's first release done before Firefox's projected 1.0 date....

#5 So what?

by bandido

Saturday February 14th, 2004 4:53 AM

Why making so much noise about that? How many other distributions include Firebird/Firefox as of now. None, as far as I know. They all include Mozilla Suite. I am sure when FF/TB reach 1.0 status, most distros will start switching over to the standalone apps.

#6 Reply

by napolj2

Saturday February 14th, 2004 6:13 AM

I just thought it was an interesting project and some of you might like to read about it, that's all. Nevermind.

#7 Firefox lacks some things

by fedetxf

Saturday February 14th, 2004 6:42 AM

Right now firefox lacks a few useful extensions that should come installed by default or at least in the same bundle to download. I hate not to be able to specify never to reload paes frmo the net and use them from the cache. i don't know how it comes by default and I know I can change it with about:config, but anyway. some exensions fix those things they left out.

#8 Re: Firefox lacks some things

by grayrest

Saturday February 14th, 2004 7:17 AM

[url=]Amazingly[/url] someone already has.

(sorry, couldn't help myself)

#9 Re: Re: Firefox lacks some things

by grayrest

Saturday February 14th, 2004 7:17 AM

Darn, I always forget when switching back to the comments.

#12 Re: Re: Re: Firefox lacks some things

by mielke

Sunday February 15th, 2004 4:33 AM

OT: grayrest: could you somehow make your inspector tutorial available again

#10 not really a big deal.. nothing to see. move along

by buff

Saturday February 14th, 2004 5:48 PM

This isn't such a big deal. I am a dumb linux newbie user who uses Mandrake linux and it was easy to change the browser to open Firefox instead of Mozilla. I did a search and replace on the shell script in /usr/bin/mozilla and replaced the mozilla path with Firefox and it worked perfectly.

#11 Re: Re: AOL uses Netscape name for ISP Startup

by galio

Saturday February 14th, 2004 6:26 PM

the issue is that UserLinux will be an enterprise distro, and wether you like it or not, the suite has at least more GUI frontends to corporate features that FF and TB.