13 Reasons To Use Firefox Over IE

Thursday February 12th, 2004

Gsurface writes: "With the current release of Mozilla Firefox 0.8 and in the excitement to try out something new, I decided to compile 13 Reasons To Use Firefox Over IE. Here's a snip...

"'A feature which I thought was going to be integrated in Internet Explorer 6 was a download manager. Download managers allow you to manipulate and take control of your downloaded files. Mozilla Firefox's download manager contains just the essentials to allow you to control your downloads. You can pause your download and continue it a later time, something which is not possible with IE's download manager. Apart from sporting a nice look, the download manager stores the information such as size and location of your downloaded file. When the download is complete, a small notification is displayed in the lower right side of the screen.'"

#3 13 poor reasons

by wilbertnl

Thursday February 12th, 2004 1:52 PM

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I'm a very content user of the Mozilla family, and I'm pleased with all the improvements with every new release (or for that matter with every nightly build). But this article annoys me with the poor items. I actually don't like the download manager, I don't want that pop-up thingy close to the system tray. A sound would do much better for me. My list of reasons to use formerly known as Firbird is just quite different.