13 Reasons To Use Firefox Over IE

Thursday February 12th, 2004

Gsurface writes: "With the current release of Mozilla Firefox 0.8 and in the excitement to try out something new, I decided to compile 13 Reasons To Use Firefox Over IE. Here's a snip...

"'A feature which I thought was going to be integrated in Internet Explorer 6 was a download manager. Download managers allow you to manipulate and take control of your downloaded files. Mozilla Firefox's download manager contains just the essentials to allow you to control your downloads. You can pause your download and continue it a later time, something which is not possible with IE's download manager. Apart from sporting a nice look, the download manager stores the information such as size and location of your downloaded file. When the download is complete, a small notification is displayed in the lower right side of the screen.'"

#15 Re: Popup blocker defeated?

by thelem

Thursday February 12th, 2004 5:59 PM

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I went to that site, and it blocked two popups when it first loaded. The other popup is created by a user action (clicking any link on the page), so mozilla deliberatly allows this popup to occur, because many legitimate sites require a popup to work when you click on a link (or if the automatic popup doesn't work, fall back to a link). This may not be very good (personally, I hate all popups), but it means that mozilla will work with sites such as (games) and (internet banking).

As has been pointed out elsewhere, if you want mozilla to block all popups, this is also possible through setting a preference. If you want mozilla to block advertising popups only, then you will have to accept that it will not be able to detect adverts 100%, and will both block legimate popups (which I notice because I have configure a sound to fire when a popup is blocked), and allow occasional advertising popups.