'Der Spiegel' Reports on Mozilla Firefox 0.8

Tuesday February 10th, 2004

Daniel Küstner writes: "Spiegel Online, one of the biggest German news sites and the online spin-off of the biggest German news magazine, Der Spiegel, is reporting about the name change. The article is about the new version 0.8, the change from Phoenix via Firebird to Firefox, the naming conflicts and mentions some firework companies named Firefox and the red Panda. They also state, that 'besides the Apple browser Safari, Firefox is said to be the leanest and fastest complete program for navigating the web.' They have a link to" AltaVista's automated Babelfish translation is just about understandable.

Update: A reader who wishes to remain anonymous sent us links to two more German language articles about Firefox 0.8, this time from Austrian sites. The newspaper der Standard talks about the name change and new features and a page from the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation provides background on the issues surrounding the name change (Babelfish translation of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation article).

#1 This browser is built with XUL!

by buff

Tuesday February 10th, 2004 3:55 AM

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"With the latest 0.8 release of Firefox, however, things appear to be changing. This browser version is not built with XUL, but with GTK2"

Hmm. Ah, I don't believe this is quite true. If you take apart the files that come with Firefox you will find the UI is still XUL based. I believe the difference is that the XUL is now communicating with the GTK2 toolkit and calling up native widgets. So while the widgets might be native XUL interpretation still exists. How come supposedly tech writers can't understand this?