Mozilla Backup 1.2.2 Released

Tuesday February 10th, 2004

Pavel Cvrcek (a member of CZilla team) writes in with news of the release of Mozilla Backup 1.2.2: "This version only adds support for Mozilla Firefox 0.8 and Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5. New features will be added in version 1.3a. A nightly build is now available."

#1 Given the status of the bookmark bugs, recommended

by sphealey

Tuesday February 10th, 2004 8:59 AM

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Given the status of the Mozilla bookmark dataloss bugs ( <> ), I would heartily recommend trying this utility.

I have worked fairly hard over the last two (three?) years promoting Netscape, then Mozilla, in the corporate environment. What exactly am I supposed to have my help desk techs tell end users when they call up and report all their bookmarks are missing? "Sorry, that happens sometimes"?