Mozilla Firebird Renamed Firefox, Version 0.8 Released

Monday February 9th, 2004

The standalone Mozilla Firebird browser has been renamed to Firefox and received an upgrade to version 0.8. This latest release features a new download manager, bookmarks enhancements, better support for extensions and several thousand other improvements. Windows users can benefit from a new installer, while Mac OS X users will enjoy the new Aqua-style theme, Kevin Gerich and Stephen Horlander's Pinstripe.

Firefox is the browser's third name. The last name, Firebird, drew strong objections from the Firebird database community when it was announced in April. The database community's supporters and commercial backers waged a high-profile campaign against and affiliated parties until announced that Firebird would only be used as a codename. The new Firefox moniker is intended to be used as a permanent product name and a strong brand identity will be built around it. The new name was chosen after extensive international trademark searches and consultations with lawyers. The process of registering Firefox as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office began in December last year.

Firefox 0.8 can be downloaded from the Firefox product page or direct from the Firefox 0.8 directory on Check out the Firefox 0.8 Release Notes for more information.

#15 Not best choice :(

by eGandalf

Monday February 9th, 2004 1:28 AM

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I know that complaining is the easies thing in the world, but I really cannot understand Your's decision. FireFox - what does it mean? What does it relate to? I don't know any myth or legend related to Fire Fox... What it is? Something fast? light? I cannot find many positive connection with fox - especially burning.

I can understand that probably many, many names were already taken, but something like FireBrowser, FastBird, hell! even Mozilla Browser would be better. I know - It's only a matter of time to habituate with this, but as for now I'm really disappointed by new name. Please, ask avarege man on a street about words describing "FireFox". He'll be confused but he won't say anything positive i'm afraid :( And Logo? Ok - it's very cute but it's only because it doesn't show this "red fox". I cannot imagine "red fox" with fox's face smiling to me - how it could be connected with what we wan't to say about browser? :((((((((((((