MozillaZine Offers Mozilla T-Shirts to EU Citizens

Sunday February 8th, 2004

Mark writes: "It has always been difficult and expensive for European Mozilla fans to purchase a cool Mozilla shirt. Almost all online shops that sell Mozilla shirts are on the American continent, so the shipping costs for European customers are high. Because I thought this was an odd situation I started, a small online t-shirt shop with Mozilla shirts among others. The shirts are cheap (starting at €13.50), but high quality. Shipping costs to any country in the European Union are only €2.50 per shirt. I donate €0.75 to the Mozilla Foundation for each shirt I sell."

#6 legality of all this ?

by corwin

Sunday February 8th, 2004 3:13 PM

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Sorry to stress this point, but what is the legality of all this process ? Do you have a contract with the Mozilla Foundation to sell T-shirts with their name and logo on it ? Their IP isn't open source you know. Are you sure that isn't already planning a solution for European customers or that their current partner is not going to sur you ? :

"But we do strictly enforce our trademark rights. Our trademarks include, among others, the names Mozilla, Bugzilla and XUL, the Mozilla text logo and the red lizard logo. This means that, while you have considerable freedom to redistribute and modify our software, there are tight restrictions on your ability to use the Mozilla name and logos." website