MozillaZine Offers Mozilla T-Shirts to EU Citizens

Sunday February 8th, 2004

Mark writes: "It has always been difficult and expensive for European Mozilla fans to purchase a cool Mozilla shirt. Almost all online shops that sell Mozilla shirts are on the American continent, so the shipping costs for European customers are high. Because I thought this was an odd situation I started, a small online t-shirt shop with Mozilla shirts among others. The shirts are cheap (starting at €13.50), but high quality. Shipping costs to any country in the European Union are only €2.50 per shirt. I donate €0.75 to the Mozilla Foundation for each shirt I sell."

#4 Too little

by thelem

Sunday February 8th, 2004 2:49 PM

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I agree, people will buy these shirts to support Mozilla, not the shirt maker. I think you should make them 15 or 20, or possibly sell them for varying prices to encourage people to donate extra money to the mozilla foundation (eg a 15 shirt with 2.25 and a 20 shirt with 7.25 going to the foundation).