Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5 Release Candidate 2 Available

Saturday February 7th, 2004

The first release candidate of Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5 is now available. Builds have been released for Windows and GTK 2 Linux, with a Mac OS X version on the way. See Scott MacGregor's message to the Thunderbird Builds forum for more details. The final version of Thunderbird 0.5 is expected within the next few days.

Update: Scott has released the second release candidate of Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5. Read more about it in his forum post.

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by Malc

Sunday February 8th, 2004 5:43 AM

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Any news on whether the news filters are beefed up? I suppose I could look at the latest Seamonkey release, but I'm still sticking with 1.4.

A newsgroup I read has recently been infested with some trolls who've spilled over from some other groups where they hassle a certain individual. Maybe we've been lucky with a low SNR in this particular group (been reading it since just after it was created 5 years ago), but I haven't had the need of much of a killfile until now. I would really like the ability to filter on messages cross-posted to certain groups, cross-posted to more than a certain number of groups, or on particular header fields (the trolls all seem to use the same set of anonymisers). I suppose these would be harder for TB to filter on as I would be that it would require downloading the messages first. I also suppose that we could filter on these, junk mail filter would also work on news.

Any suggestions/ideas?