Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5 Release Candidate 2 Available

Saturday February 7th, 2004

The first release candidate of Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5 is now available. Builds have been released for Windows and GTK 2 Linux, with a Mac OS X version on the way. See Scott MacGregor's message to the Thunderbird Builds forum for more details. The final version of Thunderbird 0.5 is expected within the next few days.

Update: Scott has released the second release candidate of Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5. Read more about it in his forum post.

#1 Preliminary question

by Undertoad

Saturday February 7th, 2004 5:41 PM

Is there an easy way to migrate settings and filters and mail from Moz Suite yet?

#2 Re: Preliminary question

by Anthracks

Saturday February 7th, 2004 8:53 PM

No, that feature hasn't been implemented yet. It's definitely <a href="">in the works</a> for an upcoming release, though.

#3 Re: Re: Preliminary question

by Anthracks

Saturday February 7th, 2004 8:55 PM

Sorry, I forgot HTML was not allowed *slaps forehead*. That link should have been

#4 How do you define "easy"?

by wilbertnl

Saturday February 7th, 2004 9:21 PM

I have Mozilla Seamonkey and Thunderbird both setup to use the same mailboxes with:

user_pref("", "C:\\your\\path");

and my account settings are in a user.js file, which makes reinstallation a breeze. So, basically, it is possible, maybe not that easy, though?.

#6 Re: How do you define "easy"?

by Waldo_2

Sunday February 8th, 2004 4:56 PM

I'm pretty sure that's not recommended at all, even though it may work. This is probably one of those situations where the devs say your computer could burst into flames if you do it. ;-)

#5 Reply

by Malc

Sunday February 8th, 2004 5:43 AM

Any news on whether the news filters are beefed up? I suppose I could look at the latest Seamonkey release, but I'm still sticking with 1.4.

A newsgroup I read has recently been infested with some trolls who've spilled over from some other groups where they hassle a certain individual. Maybe we've been lucky with a low SNR in this particular group (been reading it since just after it was created 5 years ago), but I haven't had the need of much of a killfile until now. I would really like the ability to filter on messages cross-posted to certain groups, cross-posted to more than a certain number of groups, or on particular header fields (the trolls all seem to use the same set of anonymisers). I suppose these would be harder for TB to filter on as I would be that it would require downloading the messages first. I also suppose that we could filter on these, junk mail filter would also work on news.

Any suggestions/ideas?

#7 Re: Reply

by stygian42

Saturday May 28th, 2005 11:14 AM

More than a year has passed. It would still be nice to filter out cross-posted messages in newsgroups. Spammers and trolls change e-mail accounts and subject lines faster than most users can update their filters for these items.