Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird Hottest Picks in UK 'Linux Format'

Saturday February 7th, 2004

Gavin Lawrie writes: "In its February 2004 edition, the UK's Linux Format magazine has once again rated Firebird and Thunderbird in its Top 10 Hottest Picks selection. In addition to including binaries of Firebird 0.7 and Thunderbird 0.3 on the cover-disc, the programs get a short review too (under the section heading The best new Open Source software on the planet! — I presume next month they'll do the best OSS on Mars...). They include the following: 'Both apps... work superbly as desktop-independent Internet apps.' The article suggests that both products have 'rough edges' and are in need of 'work on the running speed' before they reach mainstream. Although the magazine has a web site, it does not publish material from current magazines there."