Dataloss Bug in Latest Windows Installer Builds Can Delete Contents of Program Files Folder

Thursday February 5th, 2004

A serious bug in the latest Windows installer builds of the Mozilla Application Suite can lead to users having the entire contents of their Program Files folder deleted. The problem is present in the 2004-02-03-18 and later trunk Windows installer and net installer builds. The affected binaries have had the suffix -dangerous added to their filenames and been removed from the latest-trunk and latest directories on the FTP site. Testers are strongly advised not to download these dangerous builds. The issue is being tracked in bug 233014 (please do not add unnecessary comments to this bug). Thanks to Zbigniew Braniecki for alerting us to this problem.

Update: The bug is now fixed and latest Windows installer and net installer builds do not exhibit the problem.

#30 Re: Re: um, fixed?

by asa <>

Friday February 6th, 2004 3:24 PM

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I just read leaf's comment again and it doesn't look that ambiguous to me. If you're "involved" enough to be downloading builds and reading bugs, then you should be able to parse "I've reverted the path on the build system, so future builds will not have this issue", look at the time the comment was made, and check ftp to see if there are builds newer than that. It's really not unclear, to anyone that belongs in Bugzilla in the first place.