Forbes Raves About Mozilla Firebird

Wednesday February 4th, 2004

In the personal technology section of its website, Forbes magazine raves about Mozilla Firebird. The browser's tabbed browsing, popup blocking and integrated search are all given glowing reviews. "If, in its unfinished state, Firebird is this good," Forbes says, "perhaps Microsoft should be worried." Thanks to Darin Fisher for the link.

#21 Hmm... Problems?

by eGandalf

Thursday February 5th, 2004 3:28 AM

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Text is great! I smiled to myself while reading it :) But: 1) Next reason to SWITCH the word "Red Hat" to "Linux" in "requirements" site - or we wan't to spread the word about our "redhat only" linux compilance... 2) "Firebird will become the default Mozilla browser, although that won't happen before it reaches version 1.5. " - why we're informed about such things from articles? Why nobody inside Mozilla Team told us such facts?!?