New Sample UI Posted

Monday March 22nd, 1999

We at Mozillazine have been playing around with XUL/CSS, and have created our own UI. It is similar to the old configurable chrome in mozillaclassic. To try it, simply rename the navigator.xul file to navigator.xu~, which is in the res/samples/ directory of the m3/nightly builds, download the new navigator.xul (*shift-click!*) file and place it in the same directory. This will download all the chrome and other UI elements when you load apprunner. Note, this will not change any UI except for the browser window.

In the UI, we killed the second/personal toolbar, added our own menu, changed the colors and buttons, and added some functionality. You can now load a new window, Messenger, or Composer from the bottom toolbar/component bar.

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by SomeSmartAss <>

Thursday March 25th, 1999 8:01 AM

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Dear Wozup.

Allowing a site to automatically change the skin would be very confusing, and scare the crap out of most newbie users (you know, the ones that would still be using MSIE 2.0 if their kids didn't come over and install the latest browser for them). I know there are users on my site who won't post messages on my guestbook, because they keep getting a big "scary" security warning message when they hit the submit button.(yes, I'm serious) There are probably people who don't use Smart Update for the same reason (doubly so, since that dialog says its doing a "High Risk" procedure)

The skin is the user's interface with the browser. to just flip it on and off, and have it change for no reason other than a site's designers think it would be cute is a big mistake. I would stop using a browser that did it for that reason alone. And to put yet another security option in the preferances to turn off "auto skin shedding" won't help, (i.e the page users I mentioned above didn't even know they could set user preferences)

the user interface is something that an individual should get used to, and be able to trust. If they want to switch it around, and modify it themselves, or pull down a themed skin, so they can surf with a Mulan throbber, great, but I certainly don't want my personilized toolbars that I spent days tweeking and laying out to my exact "power-user" needs to be whiped clean because I visit; and besides, I realy don't want to have to suddenly figure out if the Wookie head means "Back" or "Reload"

There's a reason browsers allow people to turn off cookies, and its not because cookies are evil, its because people who are unsure of the concept think the idea of a page saving info on their local drive just *sounds* evil. (caches aside) A site that actually completely re-aranges their front end interface would be WAY out of the question.

Anyways, I think Disney would be more inclined to have users download skins. They give sounds, icons, cursors, and macromedia games to download when they create a movie-based site, why would a Netscape skin be any different.

Lets put this in perspective here, the Gecko engine is the main thrust of this browser; its the life support system. .xul is just a nifty add-on feature; the machine that goes "BOING". It'll probably be a big part of why people will want to use the browser (end-users don't realy care about complience as much as designers do, but EVERYBODY loves the machine that goes "BOING"). Lets not get over-enthusiastic and shove a 120-decible "BOING" down everyones throat (mixed metaphores, I know); let them turn it on when they want to.

ok. all done ranting.... buh-bye