New Sample UI Posted

Monday March 22nd, 1999

We at Mozillazine have been playing around with XUL/CSS, and have created our own UI. It is similar to the old configurable chrome in mozillaclassic. To try it, simply rename the navigator.xul file to navigator.xu~, which is in the res/samples/ directory of the m3/nightly builds, download the new navigator.xul (*shift-click!*) file and place it in the same directory. This will download all the chrome and other UI elements when you load apprunner. Note, this will not change any UI except for the browser window.

In the UI, we killed the second/personal toolbar, added our own menu, changed the colors and buttons, and added some functionality. You can now load a new window, Messenger, or Composer from the bottom toolbar/component bar.

#26 Questions about XUL???

by _Dan

Tuesday March 23rd, 1999 10:37 PM

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I have written a couple of DHTML applications using both Netscape 4.x and IE4 and have had to fake UI elements such as menus, toolbars, statusbars, etc. using CSS and DIVs. However this XUL concept sounds like it could eliminate the need for that :o). But since I am just reading the XUL documentation for the first time and don't quite understand it completely I have some questions you guys might be able to answer.

1) Can XUL code be embeded directly into HTML so it loads automaticly for the user (with the appropriate warning box), or will they have to download and install the new crome???

2) If it can be imbeded is the new crome apply to all windows or can I apply it to just a single window???

3) Can the widgets be controlled through JavaScript??? (i.e. disabled, hidden, removed, etc...)

Thanks in advance.