Nvu 0.1 Released

Tuesday February 3rd, 2004

Version 0.1 of Nvu, the open-source Web development tool based on Mozilla Composer, has just been released. The application, developed by Daniel Glazman's Disruptive Innovations for Linux distributor, is available for LindowsOS, other Linux distributions and Microsoft Windows from the Nvu download page.

Update: Windows users may have to copy the file msvcp70.dll and/or msvcr70.dll to the folder into which they extracted Nvu to get the program to run.

Another Update: Daniel Glazman has written a weblog post with more information about getting Nvu to work. In addition, the source code for Nvu 0.15 is now available via anonymous CVS.

#23 nice editor for dummies

by jilles

Thursday February 5th, 2004 10:39 AM

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But miles away from either frontpage or dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is popular because it is both feature rich and (relatively) easy to use. NVU is just easy to use right now. It does sport a few nice features but it lacks a whole range of functionality that more advanced dreamweaver or frontpage users would expect.

However, lets be constructive. Some nice feature ideas: - syntax coloring, autocomplete in code view mode - integration of developers tools available for firebird (particularly the pnh bar, venkman etc). Maybe these should come as extensions. There's a whole bunch of nifty developers extensions that are of great use when debugging your webpage. - a way to define template documents ala dreamweaver. This is a really powerful feature that I haven't found anywhere else so far. I like to think of dreamweaver as a poor mans content management system (I have only static content on the server). Basically I would be using JEdit if it werent for this feature. - use divs to define page layout (dreamweaver has a UI for this).

Maybe it is not fair to look for this kind of functionality in a simple webeditor but they do claim to be in the same league as dreamweaver on their homepage. I surely would like to congratulate the NVU people, the program has come a long way since mozilla composer and is already a much better alternative in its current alpha stage. I sure hope to see similar progress as the two birds enjoyed in their 0.1 stages. I'll be downloading future releases to see how far things have progressed.