Mozilla Firebird 0.8 to be Released on Monday

Tuesday February 3rd, 2004

Zbigniew Braniecki wrote in to tell us that Mozilla Firebird 0.8 will be released on Monday 9th February 2004.

#26 I beg you, sir, consider you could be mistaken.

by hank <>

Thursday February 5th, 2004 5:42 PM

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This has not _yet_ been blown way out of proportion.

Should you go ahead and release an installer that does erase files when used by naive people -- without _carefully_ flagging the problem, _then_ it's going to be blown way out of proportion.

This "feature" is an advanced feature. It should have a safety latch on it.

"What kind of madman would give a loaded revolver to an idiot?" to quote a great old story.

Packaging it so when used naively, it deletes files when installed to /Programs, hits the brand new users -- my neighbors -- schoolteachers, kids, retired people -- who this week have been reading how this wonderful application Mozilla has grown up, is now usable by ordinary people, is safer than Microsoft's Explorer.

And meanwhile their Windows machines have been clogging up and choking on crap.

The curtain's going up, the spotlights are going to go on, and the microphone is LIVE right now -- and a great many people are being told to look into what you're about to show the world.

People are -- this week -- in need of a good, clean, reliable browser, and the public pointers are all pointing at Mozilla. None of us can successfully run out ahead of you waving the red flag, if you do decide to release the package without providing a clear warning before the new and naive user makes the default unZIP into /Programs.

My God, man, do you really think most of the people who WOULD be hurt by this are backed up properly?

Have pity, please, sir, I pray you -- consider that you may possibly be mistaken.

And after that, think how your decision will read if PGN writes about you in comp.risks.