Mozilla Firebird 0.8 to be Released on Monday

Tuesday February 3rd, 2004

Zbigniew Braniecki wrote in to tell us that Mozilla Firebird 0.8 will be released on Monday 9th February 2004.

#25 Re: Re: The app-suite installer

by mqwtm

Thursday February 5th, 2004 2:55 PM

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Yes - an explicit "all files will be deleted" pop-up would be (as near as is possible to) foolproof. Even a computer novice knows that "all files deleted" is bad.

At the moment, the installer seems to remember my last chosen install directory (C:\Program Files\Mozilla\Firebird - I assume this isn't the default), so this is really a new-users-only, one-time problem.

Are there any plans to add "create shortcuts?" checkboxes (on Windows)? If so, I suggest Desktop and Start/Programs Menu be checked, and Quick Launch unchecked by default. I think this is generally the norm among (the better) Windows installers.