Mozilla Firebird 0.8 to be Released on Monday

Tuesday February 3rd, 2004

Zbigniew Braniecki wrote in to tell us that Mozilla Firebird 0.8 will be released on Monday 9th February 2004.

#22 Re: The app-suite installer

by mpercy

Thursday February 5th, 2004 1:59 AM

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Although the reasoning for the cleanup is definitely sound, I agree with the parent post that its implementation is dangerous. If you're up to some constructive criticism, I do have a couple suggestions:

One way to mitigate mistakes could be to automatically append "/MozillaFirebird" to the directory path the user selects from the tree in the Custom dialog. It would however require that the Folder: textbox display the full path instead of just the name of the selected folder. That should make it more clear the intention of the installer, but would still allow the user to manually set the full path by editing the textbox directly. I've seen this done in the EZ CD Creator installer.

One other mostly "inexpensive" safety feature would be a check on the directory path once the user presses the Next > button on the Install Folder dialog. If the path does not yet already exist or is empty, then proceed to create it/install as normal. If the path contains files or subdirectories, create a pop-up warning with a message saying "Warning: All files and directories under <install dir> will be deleted before Mozilla Firebird is installed. Other user preferences and bookmarks will not be affected."

Now that I have been using the recent nightlies I cannot see how anyone could recommend another browser over Mozilla Firebird. I see these possible extra measures as a type of "insurance" that the 0.8 release will not be tainted by the fear of data loss, especially in the media.

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