Mozilla Calendar Project Page Redesigned

Monday February 2nd, 2004

Simon Paquet writes: "I completely reorganized, redesigned and extended the Mozilla Calendar homepage to make it more accessible for end users and new contributors. I split the big frontpage into several smaller pages, added a screenshots page, a themes page and (most importantly) a roadmap (contributed by Gabe Wilde) outlining the features that are needed to reach the 1.0 milestone and the inclusion into the Mozilla default builds.

"At the moment the Calendar project is progressing very slowly because only two people are currently working on the code. So if you have some time and are looking for a worthwhile project, take a look at what we need and code it. :-)"

#8 Great redesign, possible download problem?

by rkfoster

Tuesday February 3rd, 2004 8:58 AM

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The Calendar website redesign is quite good, although I don't remember the old one so I can't compare. It almost makes me want to contribute in some way but I have long since lost my C++ coding skills. Is it possible to contribute in other ways, perhaps with XUL coding? Information like that might also be helpful on the website, unless I missed it somewhere.

Also, I don't know if I did this wrong, but I thought I downloaded and installed the Calendar for Thunderbird (email client) but the one installed showed up under tools in Firebird. Can it reside in Thunderbird also? Perhaps the download files are switched?

Thanks, Bob.