Mozilla Calendar Project Page Redesigned

Monday February 2nd, 2004

Simon Paquet writes: "I completely reorganized, redesigned and extended the Mozilla Calendar homepage to make it more accessible for end users and new contributors. I split the big frontpage into several smaller pages, added a screenshots page, a themes page and (most importantly) a roadmap (contributed by Gabe Wilde) outlining the features that are needed to reach the 1.0 milestone and the inclusion into the Mozilla default builds.

"At the moment the Calendar project is progressing very slowly because only two people are currently working on the code. So if you have some time and are looking for a worthwhile project, take a look at what we need and code it. :-)"

#5 Various suggestions

by MXN

Monday February 2nd, 2004 3:16 PM

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This redesign is very good. I'd like to make a few suggestions. They're all pretty nitpicky:

- That the most recent news is placed on the main Calendar page, and that the News page serves as an archive, so that you can check up on the latest developments more easily.

- That the navigation bar uses the style that the rest of the Mozilla website uses (a light brown background, for example).

- That the FAQ page uses definition lists (with boldfaced questions), to make it more readable.

- That the Translations page groups links by Translations, Calendar Translations, and Translation Projects.

- That the Download page is renamed Download/Install, and that the Install/Build it! page is renamed Build it! (I'm thinking that people might go to the Install/Build it! page looking for the .xpi file, only to have to go back to Download.)

Again, very nitpicky. Thanks for the great Roadmap and Requirements pages, by the way.