Mozilla Calendar Project Page Redesigned

Monday February 2nd, 2004

Simon Paquet writes: "I completely reorganized, redesigned and extended the Mozilla Calendar homepage to make it more accessible for end users and new contributors. I split the big frontpage into several smaller pages, added a screenshots page, a themes page and (most importantly) a roadmap (contributed by Gabe Wilde) outlining the features that are needed to reach the 1.0 milestone and the inclusion into the Mozilla default builds.

"At the moment the Calendar project is progressing very slowly because only two people are currently working on the code. So if you have some time and are looking for a worthwhile project, take a look at what we need and code it. :-)"

#2 One of the biggest shortcomings ...

by johann_p

Monday February 2nd, 2004 10:02 AM

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of calendard currently is its lack of decent holiday treatment. Holidays need to be properties of days, not events. And repetition rules should be able to make use of these properties: "every two weeks, unless a national holiday". "Every first monday per month, except on a national or regional holiday or Sunday" etc. It should also be possible to activate an arbitrary number of holiday files - e.g. for all countries in central Europe, which is very important for business people there.