Installing and Configuring Plug-ins for Mozilla Firebird on Fedora Core

Saturday January 31st, 2004

mariuz sent us a link to a FedoraNEWS.ORG article that describes how to install and set up plug-ins for use with Mozilla Firebird on the Fedora Core Linux distribution. The tutorial covers using apt to install Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java and Macromedia Flash Player and describes how to configure Firebird to use them. Next week, FedoraNEWS.ORG will publish an article detailing the manual installation of these plug-ins.

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by jgraham

Monday February 2nd, 2004 8:07 AM

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Current situation with flash and Firebird/Linux:

Go to site with flash content but no flash plugin

Dialog box pops up saying "You don't have flash installed"

Click OK to go to the Macromedia download page for Flash/Linux

Follow the instructions to install flash for Mozilla.

Copy Mozilla file to Firebird plugin directory (I guess firebird isn't recognised)

Ideal situation:

Go to site with unrecognised media

(no dialog box) - click on media to get a dialog box to pop up that says "would you like to install flash"

Get taken to macromedia page (or some other page, or just start download) with a link to an XPI which downloads and installs flash to your profile directory

Notice that Macromedia has to package flash in an XPI file - there's no magic method for detecting that a download is a plugin and installing it appropriatley. This document actually makes the situation seem harder than it really is because it talks about a lot of unnecessary commands, like how to locate a version of Firebird that has been installed via rpm. It also uses apt to get a Mozilla version of the plugin and makes the user copy that to firebird. One could just as easilly have a firebird version of the plugin avaliable via yum/apt so it would automagically install to the correct directory. No doubt that will happen once firebird hits 1.0.