M3 Build is Online!

Sunday March 21st, 1999

Chris Hofmann from Netscape has good news for us. The M3 build is now online. Just to be clear, M3 is not a beta release. This is a developer's release (like the nightly builds), but a build that addressed the issues of Milestone 3 on the path to final product. There are many other milestones to come, with Milestone 4 coming around April 6th. Click here to go to the release notes page where you can download the M3 build. Win32 users have the option of downloading a version with the FullCircle crash data transmission software (under 3M total).

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by kerz <>

Sunday March 21st, 1999 1:19 PM

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Mail right now is touchy. Chris and I have been working on getting it to work, and I had success (as seen in the screenshot) but Chris could not get it to work, in the same build.

Basically, take your old prefs.js from a 4.x version, clear all the prefs out, and use this:

// Netscape User Preferences // This is a generated file! Do not edit.

user_pref("mail.rootFolder", "C:\\Program Files\\Netscape\\Users\\Yourprofilename\\Mail"); user_pref("network.hosts.pop_server", "Your Server"); user_pref("network.hosts.smtp_server", "Your Server"); user_pref("mail.smtp_name", "Your Username"); user_pref("mail.pop_name", "Your Username"); user_pref("mail.pop_password", "Mail Password"); user_pref("mail.identity.reply_to", "Reply To Address"); user_pref("mail.identity.organization", "Your Organization"); user_pref("mail.identity.useremail", "Your Email"); user_pref("mail.identity.username", "Your Name");

Be sure to have the correct path to the mail directory, with double slashes (\\) between each directory as shown. Put this prefs.js either in the /bin/ dir in the nightly builds or in the /x86rel/ dir in the M3 build. Start apprunner as usual (just apprunner.exe, no parameters), and select Messenger from the Tools menu. Hopefully your mail folders should show up. Chris and I are yet to be able to send or get messages with Apprunner Messenger, but that should happen soon.